There are so many paths that can lead you to the Lighter Side of Your Soul…

A SOUL READING is a simple yet life changing experience. Nothing brings me greater joy than following clients’ journeys after a SOUL READING.
The answer to your deepest, most urgent questions are held by your soul. And it was never intended to be kept a secret.



“I think your approach in the reading is non-judgmental and one of guidance. You truly have a gift!”– Cally

“Thank you so much for today. It was amazing! You have a special talent.” – Jessica


VISUALISATION MEDITATIONS AND PATHWORKING MEDITATIONS are used to build a strong relationship with the rediscovered soul. Meditations are based on each client’s individual journey.



“This was definitely something I never knew I needed. It was positively life changing. It has allowed me to leave the negativity of the past exactly where it belongs – behind me! I now have more direction of where I want to be in life and I am looking forward to the future instead of dwelling in the past.” – Kim

“I would highly recommend this course of meditation to anyone who is holding onto the past, feeling stressed out, feeling “lost”, needing to find purpose and wanting to get in touch with Spirituality. The sessions were informative and helpful, and Jeanette is a wonderful, patient teacher. Thank you Jeanette!” – Cally

“You learn to see life from a point of understanding, rather than just to react based on your emotion.
I specifically like how the meditation made me look at my body from a different perspective. I took a powerful message from that.” – Tarryn

A PAST LIFE JOURNEY is one of the most intimate experiences you will ever encounter. It is like looking in a mirror and recognizing someone who holds so many answers and explanations to questions you never knew you had.



“I thought I knew what would be shown to me. What I received was so unexpected but I now understand many of my deep rooted feelings and patterns.
I can accept myself and started following the self realization meditations to love who I am.” – Leanne

“It all makes sense now. I am able to forgive and let go and finally move on.” - James

On your journey to Self-Realization and Enlightenment, there are many life changing paths you could follow.
A Soul Reading is always an obvious choice to start this journey, and from one can make a clear call on which action to take. I will be with you every step of the way, regardless of which course of action best suites you.

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Guided Meditation to Enlightenment
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